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Our Work.

Here are examples of the sort of clients we deal with and what we do for them.


One size does not fit all, our arrangements with clients are tailored to your needs and budget.

Planning & Design.

With 30 years of project experience it can be beneficial if we can get involved at the planning and design stage. However we always endevour to make best use of the resources already in place.

Supply & Acquisition.

If it just looking for a obscure part or, the supply of servers for a datacentre, or hundreds of PC's, we understand the supply channels and can negotiate the best prices as part of a supported solution.

The network foundation.

Building your networks on a quality fabric consisting of cabling switches and routers is vital to ensure reliability and security. We provide independent advice on carriers for voice and data to connect single or multiple sites.


We don't just deliver box's we install and configure so that everything works, harmonising the new with existing equipment. With larger installations we work with and around other contractors, to meet deadlines.

Assisted Learning.

Where you have technical staff we are happy to work with them at time of installation so they know exactly how stuff is put together. When everything is in place we provide training in use.

Support & Maintenance.

If the right solution is in place, with a level of fault tolerance and preventive maintenance, things can still go wrong. You may still need help at short notice, we can provide 24/7 support where this is a necessity.

Who Are We.

We started as enthusiasts with home brew computers in the early 1980's and have helped to design and install appropriate technologies for a diverse range of client needs ever since. Our core team has worked together for three decades.

Our Process.

We look at what is in place and establish the business needs, then we consider options, some of these are then costed to provide a choice where one single solution is not immediately obvious.

Our Approach.

We are all about co-operation. This is key when dealing with suppliers customers and other vendors involved with your site..

Our Goal.

We do not try and create a dependency, we attempt to establish the right balance between work delegated to us and developing your internal staff capabilities.

Our Mission.

Simply to provide the appropriate technology for a sustainable and fair price.


Though the process is our product, it is our experience hardware and software integration that allows us to deliver. We supply and support most of the major brands, and have an eye for cost effective alternatives.


One the move.

From setting up a mobile email account through notebook support to provision of mobile servers for an event. We can provide new hardware or just make what you have already work better.


Sometimes it is just best to sit down and so some work.

Mobile solutions let you consume information and respond the desktop is for the production of work, modern high definition displays with fast graphics cards just can not be matched by a mobile. Even simple data entry desktop users can greatly enhance productivity bu having the right disk and screen.


The value of some data is only realised when it is shared.

Working in groups where some people can access everything and others just part of a set of data, are essential for the management of projects. This can be especially challenging if people are in different offices and on the move. We have been providing local and wide are networking solutions for 30 years.


Getting information in and out of a system depends on the right tools.

A bad mouse or a jamming printer can really upset a creative moment. We supply and support all peripherals from keyboard to projector and large format printer CNC machines and now modern 3d printing technology.


Wherever you keep your data, be it local or in a cloud we can assist.

We help with web site production and hosting, email systems off site backup and private networks linking branch offices we have extensive internet experience.

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