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Learning recall is the key to safe shipping at SMART4SEA 2022

03 / 02 / 2022

Mintra will share insights into how relevant and realistic training for navigation officers can support better use of Electronic Chart Display and Navigation Systems (ECDIS) at SMART4SEA, one of Europe’s leading maritime events.

Wednesday the 23rd and Thursday the 24th of February 2022.

Nautical author Marvin Bielek will present at the 2022 Smart4Sea Virtual Forum and will discuss how information overload during the training process could contribute to errors in judgement made by officers with watchkeeping duties.

Mintra is one of the sponsors of the online event, which takes place on February 23 and 24. The forum is a free, not-for-profit conference which will be attended by more than 500 delegates involved in a wide range of operations across the shipping sector.

Marvin, who is recognised as Mintra’s expert in the sphere of ECDIS, will be part of the panel discussing E-Navigation & The Future of Maritime Safety. His presentation - Realistic and relevant navigation training is the key to safer shipping – will look at the issues associated with information overload and how the use of relatable scenarios in the learning process can help navigation officers recall vital information at critical moments.

Marvin said: “Most of us can simply switch off when we are bombarded with information, but seafarers and others who work in safety-critical industries do not have that choice. The bridge of a ship is an environment of extreme stimulation, and the introduction of ECDIS has simply added to the information and training that needs to be absorbed.

“When seafarers undertake a mass of learning over extended periods of time – ECDIS training, for example, is typically for 16 hours – how can we expect them to recall information at just the right time if it was covered in five minutes of learning in a course they did 12 months before?

“To ensure safe shipping we need to create training that facilitates knowledge retention, and I will be discussing various ways in which the elearning industry can support that outcome during my presentation.

Marvin Bielek
/ Nautical Author

“I’m honoured to be speaking at this event, and to be part of such a distinguished panel. I’m very much looking forward to learning from them and hearing their views on improving safety in navigation.”

Marvin’s presentation to delegates attending the E-Navigation and the Future of Maritime Safety panel will take place on day two of the conference at 1200 CET. He will also be participating in a discussion with other panel members, covering issues such as autonomous shipping, fully autonomous ports of the future, ECDIS alarm trends and the human factor in electronic navigation.