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World leading training providers join Trainingportal Marketplace

09 / 02 / 2021
Torbjørg Undem

Trainingportal Marketplace – Mintra’s digital trading space that brings training buyers and sellers together – has experienced a strong start to the year with the addition of 96 new courses from six leading providers.

Kongsberg Maritime, Maersk and EnerMech are among the companies that have signed up to Marketplace in recent weeks.

Marketplace brings together almost 100 training providers and represents one of the largest eLearning libraries for safety-critical industries. There are now more than 2,000 courses available on the platform, which operates as a one-stop shop for customers interested in buying eLearning content as well as classroom and blended learning.

Among the new courses on offer are highly specialised training for the maritime and oil and gas sectors along with leadership development that is relevant for a wide range of industries.

Mintra launched Marketplace in Norway over a decade ago and has now rolled out the successful model to the UK and Denmark. The portal includes internationally applicable mandatory accredited training as well as country-specific courses – many of which are practical and are undertaken in local classrooms.

Marketplace Manager Torbjørg Undem said the success of the platform lies in the fact that it is entirely agnostic. She added: “Marketplace gives customers freedom: in one space they can compare providers and make choices on what to buy based on factors such as content, suitability, location and price.

“With Marketplace our customers don’t have to be tied in to one provider – there is no exclusivity over what they buy and who they buy it from. They might want to buy from multiple suppliers, but they’ll only have one invoice from Mintra.

“The feedback from providers is that Marketplace has opened up a significant new customer base. Marketplace can be accessed by 13,000 system administrators with responsibility for booking courses – that’s an incredible shop window.

“The Marketplace for UK and Denmark has grown very steadily in terms of both buyers and sellers and we’re confident that it will see further significant expansion as more people become attuned to the benefits of this model.”

Marketplace integrates with Trainingportal – Mintra’s learning management system – which gives administrators an overview of an employee’s mandatory competencies and desirable certifications.

Employees with a Trainingportal profile directly receive notifications about the courses they have been enrolled in, along with other relevant information about course content, dates and meeting places if classroom-based. Once completed, the certificate is automatically added to the user profile.

Torbjørg added: “One of the key benefits of Trainingportal Marketplace is the vast reduction in administrative burden. It gives system administrators a central overview of staff competencies; a single platform to browse, buy and book training; and generates one invoice from a single source.”

Learn more about Marketplace and request a demo here >

Torbjørg Undem
Torbjørg Undem
Marketplace Manager