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ShipCon 2024

We are thrilled to be sponsoring and speaking at the upcoming ShipCon 2024 conference in Oslo, Norway between the 20th and 22nd of August.

ShipCon is provided by YoungShip Oslo on behalf of YoungShip International - a professional non-profit organisation for young people working within the global maritime industry. YoungShip offers opportunities for skills development, knowledge enhancement, and professional networking in 37 cities worldwide.

ShipCon 2024

20th – 22nd August 2024
Oslo Event Hub, Dronningens gt. 4, 0152 Oslo, Norway

I am thrilled to be able to represent both Mintra and Youngship at the 20th anniversary ShipCon "

Silje Opsal, Account Manager
Silje Opsal 500x500

What to expect:

The ShipCon conference is designed for maritime stakeholders to facilitate discussions on the important issues affecting the industry today and in the future. Founded in 2004 and currently with more than 5,000 members, this year’s event celebrates YoungShip’s 20th anniversary of connecting young maritime professionals.

Mintra’s Director of Maritime Strategy and Business Development, Erle Kristin Wagle, will be participating in the panel discussion “Seafarers and The Human Factor”. The session focuses on competence, training and wellbeing for maritime professionals and how we can best support our seafarers to face the ongoing shifts of the sector.

About Erle:

Erle Kristin Wagle joined Mintra in 2024 as Director of Maritime Strategy and Business Development from Kongsberg Digital and has over two decades of maritime experience, including commercial operations and technical management. Her role leverages her maritime domain knowledge, connections and understanding of the learning landscape to collaborate with industry leaders and develop a strategic training roadmap for the future. Wagle's expertise is particularly vital as the industry undergoes a "green shift," with digital training emerging as the optimal way to meet the safety-critical needs of seafarers globally.

Mintra & YoungShip

Mintra currently has two teammembers who are active members of YoungShip. Marvin Bielek, Mintra’s Project Manager and Instructional Designer, was recently elected as Press and Media Secretary for YoungShip, Cyprus. Marvin has been an active member of YoungShip since relocating to Cyprus in 2018. In Mintra’s Norwegian team, Silje Opsal, Account Manager based out of our Oslo office has been an active member of YoungShip Oslo and Bergen since 2022. Silje is also a ShipCon Project Committee member at Youngship Oslo and plays an active role in organising the anticipated event this August. “I am thrilled to be able to represent both Mintra and Youngship at the 20th anniversary ShipCon”, Silje says. She also adds that “actively engaging with the industry’s younger generation is important in shaping a maritime future we are all proud of”.

Meet the team:

Erle Kristin Wagle
Director, Maritime Strategy & Business Development

Silje Opsal

Account Manager