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BOURBON – A centralised HR solution for a global operation

19 / 03 / 2018

"A centralised solution for managing personnel, competences and optimising resources is essential to us as a global group. We found that tool in OCS HR," said Janine Gustave of BOURBON.

Janine Gustave is HR functional analyst officer at BOURBON’s IT department. She is in charge of all the company’s HR systems on a global basis. To her and her team, OCS HR is a crucial tool in managing BOURBON’s employees around the world.

"It is a core part of our HR system and important to us in managing our employees. We manage more than 10,000 BOURBON employees through OCS HR," she said.

BOURBON can trace its history back to 1948, and is today a world leader in offshore oil and gas services. It counts more than 10,000 employees from 88 nationalities and is present in 45 countries.

From the turn of the millennium, BOURBON shifted its operations increasingly to maritime activities. Today the group has operations in marine services, both surface and sub-surface, for offshore oil and gas fields and wind farms. BOURBON provides two operating activities (marine services and subsea services) and also protects the French coastline for the French Navy.

OCS HR was introduced into BOURBON in 2003 through its affiliate, Bourbon Offshore Norway. The Norwegians had been using OCS HR since the founding of the company in 1998.

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"We started deployment of OCS HR in our other affiliates in 2009, and today all our 34 affiliates are using it. That is because it has proven to be a very complete system for us as an international enterprise. All our end users update OCS HR with accurate data and activities daily to ensure that we meet our common expectations and international regulations," Ms Gustave said.

"Operational excellence is at the heart of BOURBON operations. It is of the essence that all systems and routines support this constant striving for excellence.

"Competence is a pillar of operational excellence, and it needs to be actively managed. Operational excellence relies on four pillars to ensure the quality of our services: safety, technical availability, cost optimisation and competence. OCS HR helps us implement global processes for all BOURBON affiliates, ensure compliance with crew requirements, improve statutory social reporting, manage offshore personnel competences, integrate crewing and payroll and of course optimise resource planning by providing exhaustive and reliable information in real-time."

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A centralised solution

To her, two qualities of the OCS system are particularly salient: centralisation and user-friendliness.

She said: "A centralised solution is crucial for a large group like us. All our global affiliates use the system, and the data is extracted at our headquarters in Marseille and distributed back to our different markets for use in reporting. The feedback we get from our users worldwide is that with basic training it is very self-instructive and easy to use.

Ms Gustave is happy with the professional relationship with Mintra and OCS. ­" I find the relationship both open and constructive. We never hesitate to share with them our ideas for improvement and they are always receptive. We will be very happy to continue our cooperation with Mintra," she added.

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