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Marketplace responds to growing demand for soft skills training with 120 new leadership courses

19 / 03 / 2021
Online Leadership Courses

More than 120 micro-learning courses designed to build the skill set of leaders and managers have been made available to customers of Trainingportal Marketplace. The content from US-based talent management specialist TalentQuest represents the largest soft skills portfolio available on the platform.

The bite-sized learning experiences – which can be completed in 15 minutes or less - are focused on developing a wide range of skills that leaders need to demonstrate in order to help businesses, and the people within them, to thrive.

The TalentQuest Leadership Series offers courses across eight themes – mindset, discipline, composure, business management, teamwork, talent development, compliance and digital transformation. Some of the titles included in the portfolio are Managing Diversity; Building Your Personal Brand; Leading Dynamic Teams; Improving Customer Rapport; and Leading, Not Managing People; Behavioural Interviewing; and Recruiting.

All of the classes are delivered in English with rich animations and video content to make the learning experience more engaging, however, there is also an option to generate a printable transcript for those who prefer to have written notes. Learners are scored with a quiz at the end of the lesson and receive a certificate of completion.

TalentQuest courses are mobile-friendly and are fully responsive with a built-in HTML5 user interface.

Marketplace Manager Torbjørg Undem, a former marine HR manager with one of the world’s largest marine energy transportation companies, anticipates significant uptake of the courses. She added: “Trainingportal Marketplace is perhaps best known for its extensive range of compliance-based courses for industry, but the platform offers so much more than mandatory or essential technical training.

“Leadership skills transcend the boundaries of industry: they are relevant to all managerial roles whether based on an offshore installation or a city centre office. If you are a leader or manager you need to be able to guide, inspire and motivate teams - so-called soft skills should not be overlooked.

“Creating a culture of strong leadership strengthens and futureproofs organisations, yet recent research suggests that only 5% of organisations have fully implemented leadership development at all levels and over half have identified closing leadership skill gaps as a priority.

“There is a growing appetite for workforce learning and development in Asia, and this is one of our key growth markets. Our customers in that region want to equip their people with technical skills but also want them to grow into leaders and asked if we could expand our soft skills offering to help fill that gap.

“I believe we’ll see significant demand for these new courses from TalentQuest and I’m delighted to welcome them to the Marketplace.”

Trainingportal Marketplace brings together almost 100 training providers and represents one of the largest eLearning libraries for safety-critical industries. There are now more than 2,000 courses available on the platform, which operates as a one-stop-shop for customers interested in buying eLearning content as well as classroom and blended learning.

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