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Webinar - Launch Of New Hourly Shift Planning Module For OCS HR

24 / 06 / 2021

Join Mintra's Morten Broch for a webinar on Tuesday, June 29th at 10am CET to learn about the new Hourly Shift Planning module.

The new Hourly Shift Planning module for OCS HR has the power to transform the way in which the operators of ferries and shallow water passenger vessels approach crew planning processes.

Designed with this sector of the maritime industry in mind, the module automates activity planning on an hour-by-hour basis and provides a centralised overview of how a vessel’s operational and compliance requirements measure against crew on board.

The module acts as a decision-making partner for crew managers on shore and masters on board. It reduces the burden of complex crew rotation micro-management, ensures crew are paid accurately and on time, and empowers seafarers with more control over work schedules.

During the webinar Morten will cover:

  • Who is the new module suitable for?
  • What are the unique features in this new module?
  • Presenting functionality from different user perspectives:
  • Planner
  • Operational officers
  • Employees

Questions can be posted during the webinar and will be answered during a Q&A session.

Can’t attend but want to know more? You can learn more about Hourly Shift Planning here or look out for a recording of the webinar which will be distributed afterwards.

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