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How to take a 'selfie' with a photo ID

24 / 08 / 2021

How to take a photo of yourself (selfie) holding a photo ID

Firstly you will need a smartphone, tablet or another digital device with a camera and your Identity document (ID) with a recent profile picture of yourself - such as your passport or photo driving license.

  1. Select a location that has good lighting to take your selfie
  2. Stand in front of a light background - this helps most camera settings
  3. Hold out your smartphone camera in front of your face - ideally using the screen side camera
  4. Face forwards with a neutral expression and hold your ID in your other hand next to your face with the profile picture visible
  5. Check that both your face and the ID can be seen clearly and are not covered
  6. Relax and take the photo
  7. Check the photo to make sure that both your face and ID are clear and in focus
  8. Email the photo to
The text has been blurred in this example to protect the identity