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SafeMetrix Lite reports help save time on recruitment

27 / 10 / 2021

Maritime employers who make crew recruitment decisions based on the results of SafeMetrix psychometric assessments will now find the process even easier thanks to new reporting functionality that has been added to the platform.

Managers will be able to generate a condensed report – SafeMetrix Lite – to gain a snapshot of how candidates performed in assessments of their soft skills and cognitive abilities. Running to just two pages, SafeMetrix Lite report is significantly shorter than the 10 to 15 pages generated by the standard extended report.

Like the extended report, the shorter version can be created within the platform, ensuring that clients have complete accessibility to scores and results from both sets of psychometric assessments. There is no additional cost for the Lite report which, like the extended version, comes as a standard part of the SafeMetrix offering.

SafeMetrix product expert Maria Synnou explained that the new report was created in response to requests from clients for a shorter reporting style that could be more easily and quickly consumed.

Mintra’s Product Expert – SafeMetrix, Maria Synnou
Mintra’s Product Expert – SafeMetrix, Maria Synnou

She said: “We had feedback from some clients that, while they appreciated the extended reports and the good quality and detailed information provided, it was taking a lot of time to read them and go through the results. In some cases, they could be looking at 20 or 30 reports a day.

“SafeMetrix Lite is a simple two-page format with the results attained by the seafarer on the first page and a short interpretation of those results on the second. It is designed to be visually stimulating so the information is easily seen and understood.

“Clients are able to access both types of reports on the platform, so if they want to delve further into a candidate’s results after reading the Lite version, they can go to the extended version and gain a deeper, in-depth explanation that also examines how the candidate compares to others.

“The SafeMetrix platform was developed to support HR and crew managers in making recruitment decisions, ensuring that candidates have the right mix of technical knowledge and non-technical skills. We are delighted to be able to further support clients in the process, helping them to arrive at those decisions in less time than before.”

With the move to autonomous, digital ships there is a greater emphasis than ever before on ensuring candidates have the right mix of all-round skills beyond the technical competencies required for the job.

SafeMetrix tests 13 different soft skills – grouped into three clusters of coping under pressure, self-management, and interpersonal skills – and four different cognitive skills with a focus on speed and accuracy of the test taker. All assessments are rank-specific and include the skills relevant to each position. When considered in tandem with technical abilities, the results give employers an assurance that candidates applying for specific roles have the desired attributes for that role, whether it be strong leadership or problem solving.

While the Lite and extended reports can be generated by system administrators directly from SafeMetrix, there is also an option for Mintra’s clinical psychologists to produce an in-depth integrated report bringing together data from both the soft skills and cognitive abilities assessments. This report also includes guidance and recommendations and incurs an additional fee.