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Office Ergonomics

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Health & Safety, Health & Wellbeing
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Further Information - Office Ergonomics


Who is the course for?

This course is for personnel spending substantial time working with computer equipment.

Is previous experience required?

No previous experience is required to complete this course.

How will the course benefit me?

By providing you with a thorough understanding of how to find your ideal working position(s), how to prevent and reduce musculoskeletal pain, and how to strengthen your body.

How will the course benefit my company?

By preventing musculoskeletal pain and reducing the risk of sick leave due to bad working postures and unhealthy practice.

What standards are referenced in the course?

No standards or regulations are referenced in the course.

Is there an assessment?


Learning Objectives

• Describe the common ailments/pain caused by PC work

• Describe the main causes of work-related pain

• Explain how to find your ideal working position(s)

• Describe how to set up your office workplace

• Describe how to set up your workplace at home

• Describe how to perform pain-reducing exercises

• Explain how to prevent work-related pain

• Describe how to use office equipment correctly

• Describe how to use practice consideration in an open office space

• Show an awareness of relevant legislation