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Drilling Safety Training

120 minutes
Engineering & Technology, Drilling Technology
Oil & Gas
£58.33 exc. local taxes
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Drilling Safety Training Drilling Safety Training Drilling Safety Training Drilling Safety Training Drilling Safety Training

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Further Information - Drilling Safety Training


Course Goal: This Drilling Safety Training course aims to provide an overview of safety during drilling operations

Target Audience: Drilling Personnel

Section 1: General Safety

Section 2: Safety on the Pipe Deck

Section 3: Safety on the Drill Floor

Section 4: Safety on the Derrick

Section 5: Safety in the Shale Shakers and Mud Pits

Section 6: Safety in the Power Generation Module

Section 7: Safety in the Mud Pump Module

Section 8: Pressure Testing Safety

Section 9: Safety in the Sack Store

Section 10: Safe Chemical Use

Learning Objectives

• Identify common requirements for well completions

• Identify the different steps involved in well completions

• Explain the purpose of well barriers and pressure control

• Give examples of the different types of well barriers used

• Explain the key safety requirements for pressure testing and its role in completions work

• Explain the purpose and importance of blowout preventer (BOP) testing and identify how it should be carried out

• Explain the importance of safety valves for completions work

• Explain when to consider bull heading


Exam in the e-learning course

System Requirements

• Internet access - users will need a device with a web browser and internet connection

• System - runs on computers, tablets and mobile devices using Windows 7 and above and MAC OS devices running IOS 11 and above

• Browsers - Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari

• Minimum browser size - none

• Audio - requires device speaker or headphones