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Compared to other psychometric assessments, MET-CSS was developed specifically for assessing the competence of crews on board. The tested skills are selected after a thorough job analysis of the different ranks on board to match the requirement of the position.

This psychometric assessment constitutes a performance test based on the speed and accuracy of the responses of the test taker.

MET-CSS Application

MET-CSS is suitable to be used in the selection and promotion of crew in combination with other tools such as personal interviews, work samples and technical assessments.

MET-CSS Features

For the crewing manager:

  • Online management
  • Remote administration
  • Immediate reporting
  • Company and individual performance reports
  • Comparison to industry norms
  • Customised passing scores
  • Optional company norms scoring

For the test taker

  • Better preparation with sample testing
  • Available anytime, anywhere
  • Standardised experience

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