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SafeMetrix becomes a holistic solution with new training courses

02 / 12 / 2021

SafeMetrix – the psychometric assessment platform created by Safebridge to help HR and crewing managers make better informed recruitment decisions to improve the safety of operations at sea – has evolved into a holistic solution with the launch of new training courses for non-technical skills.

Launched in 2018, SafeMetrix allows managers to assess whether seafarers have the right blend of soft and cognitive skills that are required for their rank. The test results highlight strengths and weaknesses – for example a candidate may have good leadership skills but could lack the ability to memorise information – and this allows managers to make recruitment and promotion decisions based on more than just the technical skills and qualifications on a CV.

The new Personal Development Package is a suite of soft and cognitive skills eLearning courses that help seafarers improve skills and attributes that have been identified as potential weaknesses and require attention.

Maria Synnou, clinical psychologist and product expert for SafeMetrix, said the training courses have made the platform even more effective as it now provides a way for managers to develop staff into more rounded seafarers with appropriate skills for a career at sea.

She explained: “The feedback that we received from customers following the launch of SafeMetrix was that it was incredibly useful for identifying skills on which seafarers need to work, but it also presented a problem because managers couldn’t then provide seafarers with a training solution. “We realised that we needed to help our clients to fill the training gap and so we partnered with CRC HR Solutions Ltd, who specialise in human resource development services, to create an industry-specific soft and cognitive skills training solution.

“The addition of the training courses has allowed SafeMetrix to come full circle – it can now be described as a holistic solution allowing for assessment, identification of development areas, interview to cross-check results, training to develop identified weaknesses and reassessment to ascertain whether the training has indeed led to improvement.”

The 3S (Soft Skills for Seafarers) psychometric assessment in SafeMetrix has been specifically developed for the maritime industry and examines 13 uniquely different soft skills for each rank. These are grouped into three different clusters under the headings of coping under pressure, self-management and interpersonal skills.

Cognitive skills – the way the brain reasons, thinks and solves problems – are assessed under CSS (Cogntive Skills for Seafarers). It’s a performance test based on speed and accuracy, examining memorisation, problem-solving, spatial orientation and information ordering. Visualisation is also assessed for two ranks. The results of both tests are presented in a report – available in both an Extended and Lite version – and there is also the option for a Mintra psychologist to provide a much more in-depth and detailed overview.

Managers use the reports as the basis for a follow-up interview, with support on how to conduct effective seafarers interviews with an objective comparison of individuals available through the SafeMetrix Competency-based Interview Guidelines.

The new Personal Development Package comprises 18 different 10-15 minute eLearning courses accredited by Class NK and The Nautical Institute. Learners receive a certificate on completion of the course.

Courses in the Personal Development Package can either be bought individually or in bundles, with managers able to allocate courses to individual seafarers as and when required.

Topics covered in soft skills are:
  • Coordination Training
  • Decision-Making Training
  • Perseverance Training
  • Resilience Training
  • Self-Control Training
  • Flexibility Training
  • Openness to Experience Training
  • Achievement Striving Training
  • Self-Sufficiency Training
  • Dependability Training
  • Social Skills Training (Social Conformity/ Confidence/ Sensitivity, Agreeableness)
  • Negotiation Training
  • Assertiveness Training

Topics covered by the courses in cognitive skills are:

  • Information Ordering Training
  • Memorisation Training
  • Problem Sensitivity Training
  • Spatial Orientation Training
  • Visualisation Training