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Mintra sponsors Global Maritime Club summit at Posidonia 2022

16 / 05 / 2022

Posidonia 2022 International Shipping Exhibition in Athens, Greece is touted as the largest gathering of the maritime community worldwide.

As part of Posidonia 2022, the Global Maritime Club Summit 2022 is a dedicated conference aimed at the shipowner community and senior stakeholders.

The Summit is free-to-attend and features a series of focus sessions, with input from shipowners and operators together with representatives of Class, P&I, crew management, human resources specialists, digitalisation specialists, marine technology and the seafaring community.

Mintra is sponsoring 'All hands on deck: Shaping the future of Seafaring - Part 2: A better life at sea' featuring Mintra's Innovation Director, Valentinos Steliou, in the expert panel of speakers.

'All hands on deck: Shaping the future of Seafaring - Part 2: A better life at sea'

9 June 2022, 14:00 - 16:30 in the Posidonia Conference Hall, Metropolitan Expo, Athens, Greece

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'A better life at sea'

'What are the cutting edge ideas now being deployed to support seafarers and improve their physical and psychological well-being? What new technology can do to improve their conditions, from communication with home to efficient remuneration systems and travel? Can more be done by port authorities on seafarers’ welfare?

'The shipping industry will need a well-motivated workforce to perform its role in the global economy. As it competes to recruit the next generation of seafarers, and to ensure that it retains its existing workforce, what is the vision of the seafaring role and career that will attract the first-class talent it needs? What is the role and responsibility of maritime education in achieving this?'

Valentinos said: “I am delighted that Mintra is further strengthening its links with the maritime industry by sponsoring one of its largest gatherings globally. Attending physical events has not been possible since 2019 and the team are greatly looking forward to meeting face-to-face with our business partners, customers and industry peers.”

Three other members of the Mintra team will be attending the event in support of Valentinos, including Channel Director, Emmanolia Kolias, Sales Director - Maritime, Jorunn Eldøy, and Key Account Manager, Jannis Schack.

Emmanolia Kolias / Channel Director

Meet me at Posidonia >

Jorunn Eldøy / Sales Director - Maritime

Meet me at Posidonia >

Jannis Schack / Key Account Manager

Meet me at Posidonia >

Christopher Clark / Regional Business Manager

Meet me at Posidonia >

Khaled Cassim / Inside Sales Representative

Meet me at Posidonia >

Yana Nedelcheva / Key Account Manager

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Stefanos Andreou / Business Development Manager

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Global Maritime Club is a private membership of senior professionals representing shipowners, ship operators and ship management companies. The club provides strategic networking opportunities and closed-door leadership roundtables with opportunities to meet, discuss business and develop relationships with new business partners.