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MET-CSS: Assessing the Cognitive Skills of Seafarers

21 / 06 / 2019

“Cognition” is defined as the act of knowing and cognitive skills of the seafarers are the ones that deal with the mechanisms of how they learn, rather than with their actual knowledge. The focus of cognitive skills lies in perception, attention, memory and the logical reasoning of the seafarer, all of which naturally play a vital role in ensuring safe operations on board.

Various studies over the years have concluded that cognitive skills are a crucial factor in determining one’s ability to learn. In reality, when the seafarer’s cognitive skills are strong, his/her learning process is much faster and easier. When the seafarer’s cognitive skills are weak, his/her learning process becomes more challenging and difficult.

Fact is that technology is not part of our lives; instead, nowadays it is our life. This could not but occur in the maritime industry as well. Changes driven by big data and highly advanced IT systems in the deck and engine departments demand more complex information processing by the seafarers. Each cognitive skill plays an essential role in how a seafarer processes new information. That means that even if only one of these skills is weak, no matter what kind of information is coming the seafarer’s way, grasping, retaining or using that information is impacted. This, in turn, creates a growing demand for seafarers with high-level cognitive skills, and this is the challenge that SafeMetrix was designed to address.

MET-CSS - Cognitive Skills for Seafarers

Through research and job analysis of different ranks on board, SafeMetrix developed MET-CSS, which is a psychometric assessment specifically designed to serve the maritime industry by assessing the cognitive skills of seafarers.

MET-CSS constitutes a series of tests addressing the critical cognitive functions that underlay the successful performance on board: how the surrounding environment is perceived, processed and acted upon by the seafarer. It offers more in-depth insight and understanding of the seafarer’s cognitive skills and provides you with data that is further crucial for substantiating your crewing decisions and building teams that are equipped to face the modern complex working environment at sea.

MET-CSS – Application

MET-CSS precisely examines and offers insights into the cognitive skills of the crew, such as:

✓ Memorisation
✓ Problem Sensitivity
✓ Spatial Orientation
✓ Information Ordering

When used in combination with personal interviews, work samples and technical assessments, MET-CSS offers valuable information that can be applied to crew recruitment and promotion. The decision-making process becomes transparent to select individuals with high potential to acquire strong job knowledge, to benefit from training and moreover to perform well in a complex work environment.