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What’s trending on Trainingportal?

02 / 07 / 2021

From hydrogen sulphide awareness to dropped objects, the past six months have seen Trainingportal customers upskill their people across a range of competencies. In this period, over 85,000 course registrations were recorded across Mintra’s learning and competency management systems.

With the International Maritime Organization (IMO) introducing requirements for shipping operators to address risks in their online systems at the start of the year, it’s no surprise that cyber security awareness has been Mintra’s most popular course to date in 2021.

But there has been customer demand for a wide range of Mintra’s technical and compliance course titles, as our top five by registration numbers show.

1. Cyber Security Awareness

The goal of this course is to provide learners with an introduction to cyber security and to the risks of online operations. It’s designed to show how cyber security starts with the learner, explain where the threats exist and outline best practices to reduce those risks. It’s been in high demand within the maritime sector because of the new IMO standard, but this course is suitable for all personnel across all industries.

2. ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety

Although ISO 45001 is an international standard that specifies the requirements for an occupational health and safety management system, this course considers how it is applied to the maritime industry. By the end of the 25-minute course, learners will not only be able to explain the purpose of the management system, but also describe other factors such as the need for monitoring and record-keeping, the importance of following shipboard safety procedures, and the role they can play in reducing the risk of workplace accidents.

3. Hydrogen Sulphide Awareness

Hydrogen sulphide is a highly toxic gas and is a major hazard in many industrial settings, including oil and gas installations. This awareness-raising course aims to give learners a basic understanding of the properties of the gas and advises them on how to safely respond if a release occurs. It also sets out what action the learner should take if they suspect that a colleague has been affected by an HS2 release. This course is accredited by both RoSPA and CPD.

4. Confined Space Entry

Ships and oil and gas platforms are renowned for being challenging environments in which to work, and often personnel will need to carry out work in small areas with limited space. This course from Mintra aims to give learners an overview of industry best practice in relation to confined space entry work, and by the end of the eLearning candidates will be able to, for example, understand the dangers of confined spaces, demonstrate knowledge of site safety equipment, and explain the actions to take in an emergency situation. This course is accredited by both RoSPA and CPD.

5. Risk Assessment

Robust risk assessments minimise the likelihood of workplace accidents and incidents. Being able to assess a situation, identify potential hazards and outline steps that should be taken to minimise risk help to ensure that people and assets do not come to harm. This eLearning course is applicable to a wide range of industries and walks learners through the entire process of why risk assessments are needed, the obligations of employers and employees, how to identify hazards, and how to conduct a risk matrix to evaluate risk levels.

All of the above courses – and over 2,000 more – are available on Trainingportal, while 200 course titles are currently available for individuals to purchase on More information about Mintra’s learning and competence management system is available here.